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Marketing place for motor boats and sailing boats. You can buy a motor boat here either privately or from a boat trader. You will find many new and used motor boats here. Or would you like to sell a boat? Just one entry will allow you to register with numerous boat trading companies.

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Current offers of the week

Vieser Moskito
Vieser Moskito - Komplettangebot
Length: 2.80m Width:1.23m
Price: € 2,500.00
Grundel 1100 AK
Grundel 1100 AK -
Length: 10.50m Width:3.50m
Price: € 15,950.00
Rinker EC260
Rinker EC260 - EC260
Length: 8.50m Width:2.62m
Price: € 17,600.00
Albin Ballad
Albin Ballad -
Length: 9.14m Width:2.96m
Price: € 19,950.00
Roorda Kruiser AK
Roorda Kruiser AK -
Length: 10.10m Width:3.00m
Price: € 19,950.00
Target 10 AK
Target 10 AK -
Length: 10.00m Width:3.15m
Price: € 20,900.00
Beister  -
Length: 10.75m Width:2.85m
Price: € 29,000.00
A.G.A. Marine Spirit 640
A.G.A. Marine Spirit 640 -
Length: 6.70m Width:2.68m
Price: € 42,600.00
Feeling 346 di
Feeling 346 di -
Length: 10.40m Width:3.46m
Price: € 44,900.00
Beneteau Océanis 393
Beneteau Océanis 393 -
Length: 11.95m Width:-
Price: € 65,000.00
Bruce Roberts 38 Offshore
Bruce Roberts 38 Offshore - Jonathan
Length: 11.70m Width:3.45m
Price: € 68,000.00
Onedesign Slup
Onedesign Slup -
Length: 11.92m Width:3.72m
Price: € 125,000.00
Grand Banks 42 Classic
Grand Banks 42 Classic - MOLLY
Length: 13.50m Width:4.40m
Price: € 195,000.00
Yacht Finanz          Mercy Ship          Wehring u. Wolfes

Current charter offers of the week

Greenline Hybrid 33
Greenline Hybrid 33 (powerboat)
powerboat 9.99 m
North Sea, Baltic Sea,...
Week from: EUR 1,500
Galeon 640 Fly
Galeon 640 Fly (powerboat)
powerboat 19.96 m
Adriatic Sea, Kornati ...
Week from: EUR 12,400
Bavaria Sport 34
Bavaria Sport 34 (powerboat)
powerboat 10.80 m
Adriatic Sea, Mediterr...
Week from: EUR 3,000
Delphia Platinum 989 Fly Bimini
Delphia Platinum 989 Fly Bimini (powerboat)
powerboat 10.30 m
Adriatic Sea, Kornati ...
Week from: EUR 1,850
Jeanneau Leader 36
Jeanneau Leader 36 (powerboat)
powerboat 11.51 m
Adriatic Sea, Mediterr...
Week from: EUR 4,000
Majesty 66
Majesty 66 (powerboat)
powerboat 20.12 m
Ionian Sea, Mediterran...
Week from: EUR 8,000
Mangusta 80
Mangusta 80 (powerboat)
powerboat 25.07 m
French Riviera, Italia...
Week from: EUR 27,000
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i (sailboat)
sailboat 10.94 m
North Sea, Zeeland (Ne...
Week from: EUR 1,480
Sea Ray 240
Sea Ray 240 (powerboat)
powerboat 7.34 m
Balearic Islands, Majo...
Week from: EUR 2,400
Lagoon 450
Lagoon 450 (sailboat)
sailboat 13.96 m
Adriatic Sea, Mediterr...
Week from: EUR 2,800
Sea Ray Sundancer 260
Sea Ray Sundancer 260 (powerboat)
powerboat 8 m
Balearic Islands, Majo...
Week from: EUR 3,000
Lagoon 2008
Lagoon 2008 (sailboat)
sailboat 12.61 m
Aegean Sea, Argolic Gu...
Week from: EUR 3,200

The latest boats

Luxe Motor 1375
Luxe Motor 1375 -
Length: 13.75m Width:4.45m
Price: € 195,000.00
Beneteau First 30 E
Beneteau First 30 E -
Length: 9.70m Width:3.25m
Price: € 14,950.00
Lagoon 42
Lagoon 42 -
Length: 12.94m Width:6.90m
Price: € 435,000.00
Westerly 32 Pentland
Westerly 32 Pentland -
Length: 10.02m Width:2.90m
Price: £ 11,995.00

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The most important boat manufacturers and boat yards:
Astondoa, Azimut, Bavaria, Bayliner, Beneteau, Chaparral, Cranchi, Crownline, Dehler, Dufour, Etap, Fairline, Ferretti, Formula, Galeon, Glastron, Gobbi, Hallbergrassy, Hunter, Jeanneau, Maxum, Neptun, Oceanmaster, Onedin, Pershing, Princess, Quicksilver, Searay, Sessa, Shetland, Star Fisher, Sunseeker, Ten Broeke, Terhi, Wellcraft

5 tips for buying a boat:
1. Inspect the boat or the yard before and if necessary arrange a test drive. Test motorboats and sailing boats, especially pre-owned ones, very carefully before buying and paying.

2. In any case use an official purchase agreement form, in which all the important details, such as transfer period and location are covered. Furthermore, we always recommend to draw up a list of accesories.

3. For larger motor yards or sailing yards we recommend to engage an expert, unless an expert opinion has already been obtained. Money spent on the expert is always well-spent.

Safety instructions:
4. Don’t make any advance payment, as long as you haven’t sorrowly checked the seller’s identity and seriosity. Be especially careful when if a payment to another country is to be carried out via TNT or Western Union.

5. Should you find boats offered at too lower price, please carefully check these offers and the sellers.