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Private seller

Registration is free o charge for private sellers. You will only be charged once you have inserted your boat online and up to the time when you delete your boat with us. Written notice is not required. Charges always apply to one entire month. After you have deleted your boat, a maximum of one payment may still be charged to your account. For example: Your boat has been listed with us for 6 weeks, therefore 2 payments will be charged to your account.

The basic price is:
€ 6.90
in addition.
€ 3.00
   Visitors Online: 73
€ 2.00
   Visitors Online: 26
€ 2.00
   Visitors Online: 71
€ 0.00
   Visitors Online: 26
€ 3.00
   Visitors Online: 76
€ 1.00
   Visitors Online: 42
Total price:
Newspapers, magazines and video:
You can advertise in the following publications. Additionally can we offer you creating a slide show as video from your boat pictures for publication on eg. YouTube.
€ 24.99
 - We produce a slide show from your boat pictures and link your boat to this video (eg. to YouTube).

Do you wish to sell a motor boat or sailing boat?
Please register here as a private client in order to list your motor boat or sailing boat directly on numerous marketing places.


As a trader you can book trader packages to enable you to enter a number of boats. You can amend and extend your package at any time. A link will enable you to also insert your boats onto your own webpage.

Basic price:
€ 20.00
€ 40.00
€ 60.00
€ 80.00
€ 100.00
€ 140.00
€ 180.00

The price will be individually adjusted according to the number of boats.
For more information go to: Carsten Rettig 0049 - (0)211 - 98 59 19 52 (Mo - Fr 09:00 - 18:00)
Total price:

Are you a trader and would like to offer numerous boats for sale?Please register as a trader. One entry will enable you to list your boats on numerous marketing places.